Headstones & Plaques

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Headstones & Plaques

The headstone is a vital part of any grave, offering a personal commemoration to the deceased and providing comfort to the family of the deceased. Boyle Memorials has a range of headstones in a variety of materials and colours to suit all styles and budgets. We also offer plaques for homes and businesses that can be customised to your exact requirements. For professional, bespoke headstones and plaques in Co. Donegal, get in touch with the team at Boyle Memorials today. With over 16 years of experience and in-house inscription services, you can be assured of a professional and personal service every time.

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Choosing a headstone for your deceased loved ones’ grave can be difficult to do, which is why our team at Boyle Memorials offers professional and compassionate advice throughout the process. We have headstones to suit all styles and budgets, offering a range of marble, limestone, granite, and natural stone gravestones. All headstones can be customised with bespoke inscriptions including text and imagery. All of our headstones are manufactured to the highest quality, with customer satisfaction our number one priority.


Boyle Memorials provides a range of plaques suitable for homes and businesses in a range of materials and colours. We offer granite, limestone, marble, and natural stone plaques with full customisation and inscription available. Our plaques are suitable for use as house number plaques as well as for decorative or informative purposes. We always work around your unique design specifications, so why not order from us today?

Grave Accessories

Boyle Memorials has a variety of grave accessories and decorative ornaments to choose from, with bespoke inscription services always available. Choose from our memorial plaques, vases, ornaments, and other decorative accessories to pay homage to your deceased loved ones.

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Headstones & Plaques FAQ

  • What is the best headstone material to buy?

    The most durable headstone material that we offer is granite. This being said, however, the best headstone material for you all depends on your budget, style, and other requirements. All modern headstones will last many, many years.

  • How do I clean a gravestone?

    Gravestones can be cleaned with mould & mildew spray as well as specifically-created gravestone cleaning products. If you’re having difficulty cleaning a gravestone, the team at Boyle Memorials provides grave restoration services which include grave cleaning.

  • How long does it take to order a gravestone?

    It can take a few weeks to a few months to receive a gravestone after you’ve ordered it. This is because all gravestones are individually crafted and inscripted, which can take time.