Grave Restoration

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Grave Restoration

Boyle Memorials offers a wide variety of grave and headstone restoration services for all kinds of graves, offering cleaning and repairs services as part of this.
With over 16 years of industry experience, we can professionally restore headstones and graves back to their former beauty, bringing back the natural beauty of the stone and coverings on any kind of grave.
As well as offering smaller touch-ups and stone repairs, we can offer full grave restoration services on even the oldest of graves, restoring and renovating everything from the headstone to the kerbing, covering, and grave foundations.
We work with individuals, families, and organisations to restore these graves back to look clean and fresh once again.

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Offering a Variety of Grave Restoration Services

  • Minor Headstone Repairs

  • Major Headstone Repairs

  • Stonework Repairs

  • Inscriptions

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Kerbing Repairs & Installation

  • Covering Installation

  • Foundation Repairs & Installation

Grave Restoration FAQ

  • Where can I find headstone restoration near me?

    Boyle Memorials provides Donegal headstone restoration services, as well as full grave restoration, grave repairs, and grave deep cleaning services.

  • Do you offer new inscriptions on old gravestones?

    Yes, absolutely. We provide full inscription services for all headstones including old and delicate headstones.

  • Can I restore a gravestone by myself?

    While it’s perfectly safe to clean a gravestone alone, full gravestone restorations should be carried out by a professional to avoid damaging the gravestone. Boyle Memorials offers professional grave restoration and headstone restoration services for customers.